BOG Breakfast Line

Hey folks! Can y’all help me understand how BOG Breakfast reservations and pre-ordering work? Our crew plans on pre-ordering our breakfast and we already have an 10:15am reservation. When we went to BOG for dinner in December, there was a long line of folks who were trying to get in for dinner, but didn’t have a reservation. We ended up standing in line forever only to be shown right in. Is there a different line that we should get in if we have a reservation and have already pre-ordered our food or is there just one line outside the castle that we have to wait in?

Thanks for the help!

When I go to Be Our Guest I always go to the little guard shack on the left side of the bridge. They then have always directed me to the next CM (usually at the end of the bridge). Once at that CM hey ask if I have preordered or not.


Thank you so much for providing this feedback!

Hi! I just did it a couple weeks ago. When I checked in at the guard house, they pulled up my reservation and saw I had pre-ordered, directed me down the left cue. People who had not pre-ordered were directed down the right cue. I was shown in where a cast member checked that I didn’t want to change anything on my order and then took my payment. Completely did not even see the place where people order if they have not ordered already.

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Thank you so much @cjandres!!!