Bog breakfast expensive?

Trying to figure out why BOG breakfast is so expensive, are they shareable platters I noticed each came with assortment of pastries?

I would not say they are very large . Some of them a very good. I have found going at 8:00 on a 9:00 opening gives you such a great experience, I find value in it. Others do share the breakfast.

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I’m not sure I understand why it’s so expensive. The portions are decent but not ridiculously large. The assorted pastries are meant to be shared. It is a good use of a QS credit on the DDP.

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Shareable? Yes.
Will you feel like you’ve had a hearty breakfast if you share the Feast A La Gaston?
If you’re not a fan of BATB, or you’re not thinking of the early entry perks, it’s not a good value, imo.
All in all, I’d probably consider doing another ppo there, however. It is what it is, and splitting a breakfast can be worth what it is for us.

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I meant expensive compared to it’s lunch but it does seem excellent value for our QS DDP credit

It’s strange–I’m not sure why breakfast there is more expensive than lunch.

It is for sure expensive and honestly the breakfast offering is really not that impressive. Combine that with the fact that you have to find somewhere to sit while everybody else is roaming around doing the same. It’s a bit of a chaotic experience. Having people lurking and waiting for you to get up as well ruins the atmosphere.

Honestly if the only way you can get a meal at BOG is breakfast and you’ve never been inside, it may be worth it. Otherwise I would personally say there are so many better options. Going to the polynesian really early, having some breakfast at the Kona cafe, then taking the boat over to MK I think is a much better experience.

Also, the platters are shareable but they are not BIG. You do get a small platter of pastries which may or may not be enough depending how big your party is.

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If you have a QS credit to use and have not been there before I would say it is worth doing, especially if you can get a PPO reservation.

Is it the only real MK breakfast spot? And also, it has the ppo “perks.”

Both CRT & Crystal Palace offer ADR character meal breakfasts. But with the new open show procedure, BOG is the only one that lets you jump the line for rides (effectively 7DMT or PP) - in a way it is like buying a fast pass if PPO…

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Totally wasn’t thinking about crt and cp. In contrast, bog breakfast is somewhat of a bargain. “Decent” meal plus a fastpass (if used correctly.)
We split a breakfast and try to sneak two rides in before any sort of lines build.

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Speaking of which, we have a BoG reservation at 8am on 5/16 and when should we do the meal order thing? That morning? Or days before?

Do it well ahead of time. Then review it that morning, or the night before.

Sometimes people get confused over the ordering, like the drink with a breakfast platter vs a drink on it’s own. Get that sorted beforehand.

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