BOG breakfast ADR open into Oct - confirmed!

I was confused by recent changes to the ADR system for BOG. A CM explained that the breakfast service had just yesterday been extended into Oct and the reservations would soon open. She advised that I compulsively watch the ADR for the slots to open. I did and just got my 8am BOG for late Sept! GO NOW!


Thanks! Just got ADR for 8:10. It took a little patience and a weird thing is I tried several times and system wouldn’t respond (I think the server gets busy) so I called and got automated system which told me closest time to 8 am was 8:45 so I took it. Then tried again online and got 8:10. I’m just happy I got it! - now to cancel the 8:45:)

After looking at the menu - I think maybe it’s changed? All of the breakfast entrees are 19.99 which makes breakfast QS a better value than the lunch QS (assuming you are on the dining plan).

I just got an 8:10 reservation for 6 for late September also. whoo hoo, soo excited!! I was just coming on here to tell everyone, go reserve now!

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This is so great! Now I have both breakfast and lunch for my MK day… just need to decide which I want to keep. :wink:

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So excited about this! I got it for the day I want, but a less-than-ideal time. Oh well. 101 days left to figure it out!

I had the same thing. Initially got 8:45 and made the reservation but then kept playing and had 8:05 pop up! So excited. Haven’t done a pre RD at MK before! Glad you got yours too!

I think I’ve seen your tag before. Are we sharing MM the end of Sept?

We are indeed!

Oh yea! Well, nice to meet you!