BOG at 8:15 am, park opens at 8, what time can I get in the park?

We were able to get BOG for breakfast 8:15. The park opening time was originally 9 am and now it has been moved to 8 am (this is not EMH). Was really hoping to get some pictures on main street with out the crowds. So two questions, will we be let in prior to park opening at 8 am? If not, is the dining reservation line still open for these early morning reservations or do we enter the park through the main gates? Is the rope drop crazy at an 8 am opening. Thanks so much!

You will not be let in early as your ADR time is AFTER park opening. You will enter with the rest of the folks. If you are at the front of the crowd RD is not too bad. Honestly I would not give up early touring time for BOG. I would move my breakfast to 10 or 10:30 or another morning without the 8:00 am open.

If you were hoping for 7DMT or PP I would do that and then go to BOG.

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Thanks for the replies! I think I will cancel these reservations…

I am in a similar boat - 8:25 BOG res, park was going to open at 9 but now EMH that morning which surprised me since it is a MVMCP night! Really wanted that pre-RD breakfast but the kids still want to do BOG so we’ll likely keep it.