BOG at 10:25? Lunch available?

I’m less interested in breakfast at BOG because it’s so expensive, and because we only decided to book our trip last month (going end of June), I missed the 180 ADR window. Nevertheless, I booked BOG for 10:25 am hoping we could either order lunch, which is much less expensive, or just order some cupcakes or drinks and be on our way, but it isn’t clear that lunch or desserts will be available at that time. Alternatively I could do an afternoon (2:30?) reservation and just plan to order dessert and drinks.

Have you had a 10:25/10:30 reservation? What food was available? Could you order lunch via mobile? I’ve seen some say they had to wait 30-45 minutes for their table, which I would assume means we are now in the lunch crowd.

I really just want to see BOG, lol. I haven’t been to WDW since 2002. We aren’t on DDP.

My 10:25 reservation was for breakfast. No option to order lunch.

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Lunch starts at 11am.

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You can still just order cupcakes for breakfast though!


Oh this is true, I didn’t read the question properly!

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So to expand my answer a bit. Reports of taking 30-45 minutes to be seated are almost certainly from people who didn’t pre-order.

Unlike mobile ordering, MDE let’s you pre-order for BOG 30 days ahead to just a couple of hours. I don’t advise leaving it that late though, in case it goes down! If you pre-order, you get fast tracked to pay at the till (they will check your order and you can make changes). You then find your own table.

If you don’t pre-order, you wait in a looooong line for a kiosk where you order, then pay, then find a seat.

If you want a better choice of cupcakes and food, go for lunch. Breakfast is expensive and meh, IMO, but you can get one type of cupcake.


This is really helpful thanks!

I used the reservation finder and was able to snag a 1:15 pm reservation. Going to keep my eyes open for an 11-11:30 one. I don’t think a midafternoon will fit into our “plans” at MK, where we watch the parade one day, and leave early for naps the second day.