BOG after HEA?

I was able to get a BOG for 9:15. But HEA is really important to us! It’s scheduled for 8:55. Will I be able to fully enjoy HEA, and make it to BOG for maybe a dessert afterwards? How much leeway do I have for showing up late? It’s March 25 … so I’m sure it’s super busy that night, but it is on a Sunday.

I did that last August. We had a 9:25pm ADR and HEA was at 9pm. My son and I went straight from the dessert party to BOG and it worked out perfectly. We had dessert (and a glass of wine for me) and met the Beast, which he really wanted to do. I tipped well to compensate a bit for the small bill.

They are changing the dinner format to fixed price and 2 TS credits this summer, but you’ll be fine later this month with this approach.

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