BOG adult beverages

Probably a dumb question, but are you allowed to walk out of the seating area with your Mimosa?
umm asking for a friend?
Heck who am I kidding? I am planning on getting my husbands alcoholic drink at our QS breakfast (he doesn’t drink) and was wondering if I will have to finish both at the table, or if I can walk around with it, or use my mug.

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Unless it has changed, I don’t think you can walk around with alcoholic beverages in MK.


I don’t have the answer to your question, but I am in the same happy boat as you!

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I thin if you pour it into your mug, who’s going to know? :wink:


Are the adult beverages included in the dining plan? And if so, do you order them separately?

Yes they are, and you order them as your drink with your meal.

They don’t show up as an option as a beverage that goes with the meal. Is that something that we modify once we are there? I am hoping to modify a few things once we are there. I hope that is an option.

They show up for me, you can definitely preorder them.

Wait, I just realised I’m not 30 days out so definitely haven’t seen them on my own MDE. I’ve seen screenshots here though when people were confused about ordering.

Just found an old thread! Thank you.

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