BOG ADR ordering question

Have a BOG ADR to get a jump on the rope drop crowd. Question is: I have heard that even if you have reservations for 4, because it is quick service you do not have to actually purchase 4 meals. Is that true? That would be great because it would be cheaper for us and less waste if we shared. Thanks for all the help!

Yes that’s true.


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As of now.

The original intent was that each person had to order something. But they have not enforced it yet, which has led to the “Group of 4+ ordering one cupcake and a cup of coffee” thing.

Just as they changed dinner to a prix-fixe meal where everyone is charged, they could decide to make breakfast the prix-fixe thing it was intended to be from the start.

Breakfast and dinner at BOG are 2 entirely different things. One is QS and one is TS. I agree with you that ordering cupcakes at the TS meal was not the intent, hence the change at dinner. But I don’t think Disney assumes everyone would buy a separate meal at a QS meal. People do buy ala crate at QS frequently. They would have to change breakfast from QS to TS to make it Prix fixe.

OP, you will be fine sharing meals at BOG breakfast, just like at any other QS location.