BOG ADR how hard to get 185 days out?

I started practicing getting ADRs last week, but this morning I was really ready to go about 30min before 6am EST, started searching a few minutes before about every 15 to 30 sec. Wow, at exactly 6am EST no dinner reservations available for BOG. (Also no Lunch for CRT and no 0800 for CP).

Hoping it will be better with extra days by staying onsite. What is everyone else’s experience? I’m assuming all of these ADRs are taken by people who have extra days because I was on it this morning.

Looking forward to others comments and I will update next week, 180 days till our first WDW trip is Monday.

I would look at the schedule and make sure you are picking a night with no party as far out as possible. Since they have not been taking ADRs after 6:00 on party nights, it is really limiting some MK ADRS.

If you can’t get dinner get a late lunch. I think there is minimal difference - but the price is a lot lower. You can now get a “grey stuff” cupcake if you really want to try it

We had no problem getting BOG 180 days out this March. That being said, we were not overly impressed with the food so if you don’t get a res don’t be too upset

agreed @BenF12400 I did like the food - but the overall experience was less than spectacular

Thanks for the responses. David the overall experience was not that good? That surprises me, did you do lunch or dinner? What was detracting from the experience, from all that I’ve read the castle is a must see. My DD7 and DD9 will just love it I’m sure. I think we have to at least try it, I was hoping for dinner because in my mind I was hoping it would be less hectic.

We have been to BOG multiple times for lunch and dinner. It’s become a tradition for our trips. We enjoy lunch more as it seems less crowded. We have had awesome experiences each time! I have not truly ally had trouble getting a ressie-have had to try and diff times at times with success. Keep trying!

Ok, well I am definitely open to whatever time I can get. We will find out for sure tomorrow morning.

Good news, got all of my dining reservations at almost exactly when I wanted them. Yea! Now just need to call to get BBB at MK and then we wait for FP+ selections and park hour changes to nail down TPs.


Got BBB for pre RD too. Totally awesome.

@tntjacobs It was nice. We went for lunch with 11:15 reservations. The ambiance was nice and I have to say the food was good. I got the pork (braised port with veggies, mashed potatoes and green beans). My son got the kids version (I think it was called FEAST FOR A BEAST) of it which was very similar but smaller portion. My wife got the turkey sandwich and I can’t remember what my daughter got. We all got deserts - which were good.

Overall - it was an enjoyable experience and it was a bit more civilized than most counter service places. It is nice to go and get a table - sit down relax and have someone bring it.

My disappointment was in the fact that we had to wait 30 minutes to order. So you check in - they give you menus and then you wait again to order. It was a good 50 minutes from my reservation time when we were actually served. I find the fact that WDW makes you plan down to the minute and then makes you wait that long to be borderline unacceptable.

YES everything was nice and pleasant - but had I not eaten there - I think things would have just been fine. It is not a trip make or break experience.


I see, that is very frustrating, and though this is my first trip to Disney World, I am already seeing that they get away with a remarkable amount of customer disservice. Yet, here we are, paying thousands of dollars to go. And they’re so busy we have to make dining plans 180+ days in advance and be ready to request them at precisely the time they open. We really can’t blame Disney, it’s our fault.

@davidtyost thank you so much for that information, it really helps, so it sounds like the food and atmosphere was good, just the logistics stink. Fortunately, we are doing it for dinner, last thing on a MNSSHP night that we are not attending the party so time will not be a concern.

so are ya’ll getting them right at the 180 mark?

@sburnette no when I was practicing at just 180 days none of the top ADRs were available. Only when my actual 180 days was open so I had 180+7, was I able to get them. And even by 9AM EST they all were gone. Fortunately it sounds like many people have had good luck using the reservation finder. There is one on this site and some people pay for other ones, I am not exactly sure which are the best.

Love the reservation finder on TP

Question about the preordering/dining plan.
I made the reservation for my whole party, but hopefully the free dining will come out and my parents will get it on their package. We intend to share the QS credits, so we would want to use them at BOG.
My question is, if I do our preordering on my MDE account, can we still use the QS credits to pay that are on my mother’s account?

We didn’t use it - but I believe you can “pre” order your meal at BOG - and that may allow you to bypass the line we were in. I didn’t like that option as I don’t know what I want to eat on that day. I may be full, I may be hungry etc so we didn’t do that - but I THINK the pre-order may allow you to bypass the line

How long before our 12:30 ADR for BOG lunch can we realistically go? we will preorder. Will they let us in the line early if we are there?

I would call Dining to find out what the procedure is for pre-order. I would think you still show up around your ADR time. You just may be able to skip the line.

We have done lunch at BOG twice and last year snagged a dinner reservation. I agree that it was good, but less than spectacular. I make our ADRs in a little over a month and I don’t think I’ll use a TS on this one again.
As for the wait time - we had a 6:45 pm dinner res on our last night in the parks…checked in a few minutes before and still had to wait about 30 minutes to be called. I find this very frustrating when you have to make a res 180 days out. It wasn’t a busy day in the parks either…can’t imagine how long we would’ve waited during peak times.