BOG 7DMT and Anna and Elsa

5 days until time to book FP+ and up until today no one wanted to meet Anna and Elsa. Until today. So, we have an 8:10 BoG bfast reservation and the plan was eat, be first on Mine Train and then head to Peter Pan. Is it possible to ride Mine Train and do Anna and Elsa without FP+ if you have bfast reservations at BoG?

No big deal if not. FP+ is an option.


After BOG breakfast last Sunday, we were able to ride Mine Train twice before park opening. They let us in about 10-15 mins before 9, and by the second time I exited the ride, the rope drop crowd was getting in the line. I think if you are waiting by Mine Train and do that first, you may not have to wait too long for Anna and Elsa. Pre-ordering for BOG really speeds things up too. Hope it works out and you have a great time:)