BOG 08:15 so Fastpasses for

we have a reservation at BOG 08-15 MK. Park hours 0900 opening

I was thinking of heading for SDMT then PP without fastpasses. Using fast passes for other rides. Thoughts please

Sounds perfect, you probably want to be in the queue by 8:45. Other option is PP, BTMR, Splash and then FPP for SDM, Space and 1 other.

Thanks. We will only be in the park that morning from 8-15 to 11.30. As it’s our first jet lagged morning following flight from U.K. so I’m trying to keep it fairly casual !! I think I’ll do similar to what you said.

Where are you staying? I’d be inclined to push onto 3ish and then call it a day and don’t come back in the evening.

You’ll probably feel great that morning, you might start flagging by late afternoon. Jetlag is 100 times worse for me on the way back. On the first day we just wake up really early and head back around 8-9pm.

Port orleans. I know day 1-4 we will be up at stupid o’clock.

We are there 14 days so don’t feel the need to over do it. Also it’s my thirteenth visit and we will have me 60 and grandson 4

I don’t know why but I thought it was your first trip! I must be thinking of someone else. You obviously know how you’ll feel then.

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That’s okay. Every trip feels like a first trip for the excitement. It’s my first trip with the new FastPass system. Haven’t been for ten years

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Lots of new stuff to see then!

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