I’ve been reading reviews and it seems that Boatwright’s is pretty terrible and we have a reservation there on 2/18 when we arrive. Anyone have any experience?

“Hated It!” - would be the quick summary.

To be fair it was around a decade ago so I’m sure much could have changed, but it was bad enough we have avoided ever since. A friend had 1 bad and 1 good experience so it’s not always bad and on a recent thread there were certainly some defenders. TP gives Boatwright’s an 84 on Reader Surveys & 2.5 stars - thinks that’s right around average IIRC.

If you’re just looking to eat on arrival day when you won’t be hitting any parks anyway, it’s worth thinking about the nice boat ride to Disney Springs where you have a ton of choices for fine dining most of which are going to be better than Boatwright’s. That will take more time, but could be a lot more fun…


The last time we went to Boatwrights was late 2013 but with that being said, we enjoyed it both times we dined there.
We found it satisfying and tasty but I would not go out of my way to eat there. If you are staying at Port Orleans it is a nice option to have and we only had a minimal wait the one time we didn’t have an ADR (the other time I did have an ADR).

Agree with Damavs, a boat to Disney Springs gives you much better options.

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We ate there in September and enjoyed it! We were staying at POFQ and drove over there, so I would agree with others that if you are making a special trip you are better off at Disney Springs for sure! But this was our first night and we were not looking to go far and wanted to wander around Riverside a bit.

I loved the catfish and our server was spectacular!

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We ate there in 2011 and thoroughly enjoyed our meal. We were staying at Riverside and ended up eating there after a day at the parks. Our original dinner plans fell apart so we arrived late, tired, and hungry. We were pleasantly surprised with how good the meal was, it was actually one of the better meals we had during our stay (we had Prime Rib). Overall we were happy with the food and convenience. In my opinion it’s a great choice if you want a decent meal with a strong convenience factor.

Boat ride to Disney Springs is also a fun idea, we did that too! So many good memories from that trip :slight_smile:

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FYI - my memory was fuzzy on the TP average restaurant scores - average is actually 89.7. 83 is one standard deviation below average. So Boatwright’s 84 is significantly below average for WDW although certainly a long way from the worst…

Should be called BUNK-wright’s