Boathouse Reservation Sept. 15

I know this is pretty close to our vacation time, but any tips for obtaining a Boathouse reservation for dinner (anywhere between 5-8) on September 15th? My husband decided now (ugh) that he would really like to try it. Any one planning on cancelling perhaps?

Always check in the day or two before the date you want. As it gets closer tons of people will cancel as their plans change on the fly and they are trying to avoid the cancellation fees.

We gotten BoG dinners and other hard to find things that way every trip.

Use @medallion5000 . The Boathouse shows lots of availability on the 15th.

Thanks! I never even thought about opentable. I guess I got caught thinking in the “disney” bubble. ha

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If you book through open table can you still use the dining plan?

For what it’s worth, I was very disappointed in the meal I had at the Boathouse. It wasn’t “bad”, but not worth the “expensive-even-by-Disney-standards” price for what you get. I’d go to just about any of the Disney signatures before I would go back. But the bar at the end of the pier is a great place for a sunset drink.

Yep me too. You can actually book most places in DS with open table and I totally forgot about it.

No reason you shouldn’t be able too. Dining plan is a payment method, just like cash, credit, or room charge.