Boat question hs to Epcot

To boat from Hollywood studios to Epcot center, do you take one boat or is there A drop off at either boardwalk, beach club, or yacht club, and then another boat from there to Epcot? What is the travel time one should a lot for the whole process? If taking a drop off, which of the three venues should we get off coming from Hollywood studios?

It’s just one boat, but it makes stops at Swan/Dolphin, Yacht/Beach and Boardwalk before heading to Epcot.

I would allot at least 30 minutes to include the time you just wait at HS.

I’ve heard there is a possible closure due to the gondola construction…

Honestly, it’s a 15 minute walk at the most so unless it’s unbearably hot, I’d recommend the walk. Hopefully that is not effected by the construction.

The closure is nothing to do with the gondola.

They are working on repairs to the bridge, which means boats cannot run to DHS.

ah, I knew I heard something… thank you for clarifying.

So, in that case, @debleehicks should not plan to take the boat…unless the bridge work is completed before their trip.

when is the trip? if the boats are running, I’d take a boat for the full distance. We have no problem walking, but even staying at Boardwalk only walked once to HS. Epcot was easy walking. took the boats when we went between the 2 parks.

If you are concerned about the transit time, then walking would be faster. I prefer to use the road ride as an opportunity to get off of my feet and relax a bit.

Bridge fixed any day now per Disney signature services so I assume boat will be working mid July.

Unless the boat is literally arriving as you exit Studios it’s quicker to walk. And even then we always get off at the Swolphin since it’s quicker to walk to Epcot from there than to continue to the Yacht/ Beach and Boardwalk first. The exception is if we “need” to stop at Ample Hills before Epcot, in which case we always walk regardless…!