Boat MK to Wildreness Lodge

After just experiencing the mayhem that is trying to get on the monorail after HEA back to TTC, wondering how bad the boats back to Wilderness Lodge are at this time? Trying to start looking/pricing a trip for December 2018.

I don’t recall any issues when we took the boat to back WL, but it was after the fireworks on a MVMCP night.

I have stayed at WL a few times and I have never waited very long. I remember once not getting in the first one but the next one arrived shortly.

The bus from MK to WL is probably the one of the shortest bus rides on property so don’t discount that. Yeah, I agree the monorail post fireworks is crazy!!

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@PrincipalTinker @brklinck thanks that may be a convincing factor I use on DH :wink:
@duffybear it was insane! People passing out and strollers crashing into everyone (including my double)

The boat to and from WL to MK is great! On a race weekend I also took a boat to CR and then monorail to EP when the roads were closed.

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+1 for boat. Longest wait we had was sub 10 minutes and that was a once off

Wait, Disney has a submarine too??!

Hahaha smarty pants! It wouldn’t surprise me though if they did haha

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Yes, they repurposed the old 20,000 Leagues subs as secret transportation for VIP guests.


Boats are awesome. Only time we waited was when we just missed it - next one came along quickly. The only thing that can be a little finicky is in the morning… if it is a really foggy morning on the lagoon, the smaller boats (not the major MK ferries) may be a little delayed in starting, but this is only an issue if you are trying to get to something early (like a pre RD ADR). Not an issue for the big ferries that run to and from MK.

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How’s the boat back to WL when leaving MK before MNSSHP starts? We are staying there and have a 6:40 ADR at Whispering Canyon Cafe?

I have never waited long for a boat to WL unless arriving as the WL ferry is on its way out. Between the bus and the ferries things go pretty quickly.

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Hi! Can I bump this and ask for some recent experiences? We are thinking about an early dinner at Artist Pointe in October on a non-party night and then boat over to MK for HEA, etc. Is it easy enough to get back to our car at WL after the fireworks? I will have DS2 and DS5.

For context, last year we did this with Chef Mickey’s and it was so brilliant to be able to just walk right back to our car at the end of the night.


You will probably have a bit of a wait, but compared to the other options, it’s not bad at all. We stayed at WL last December (2019) and did HEA on a non-party night that was very crowded. I believe we had to wait for a second boat, but compared to the TTC boat and monorail lines, it was much better. The worst part was exiting the MK gates, then as soon as you walk down to the WL boat ramp, there is much more breathing room. It also seemed like WL used larger boats during high capacity times, so we were able to roll our strollers on board (instead of folding), although we may have just been lucky.

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This is exactly what we did on Thanksgiving. Just don’t accidentally get on the boat to Ft. Wilderness on the way back. The line splits and if you don’t pay enough attention you could end up on a dock with 3 very tired young children at 11:30pm just hoping another resort boat comes along…

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