Hey all I am considering boardwalk for our next trip we usually do beach club or wilderness . For those of you who love BWV what makes it your favorite? Why do some not like it? I know everyone raves about SAB at BC but when we stay there I feel like the pool is the opposite of relaxing because its so hard keeping track of the kids I barely sit down ! THanks for your help

We have stayed at BWV and really liked it. My kids liked the slide at the clown pool. Much easier to keep an eye on your kids there IMHO.


@Conefrog was not having a quick service in the hotel inconvenient or doable?

BWV is great if your favorite parks are either or Epcot/DHS. It's a great location, lots of cool stuff around, all within walking distance. It's like Universal Resort but in WDW!

@Plutosmypal no issues for us but we usually eat in the parks. The only resort QS we can't live without is Mara.

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I am mostly worried about there not being a convenient quick service, the distance from the room to the lobby and boardwalk, and having to park our car so far away