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Which bus would I need to get to go to the Boardwalk from Blizzard Beach.

I would think Boardwalk - however the nice thing is - you can take Boardwalk, Swan / Dolphin or Yacht and just walk a bit and be good.

There is no direct bus transportation from Blizzard Beach to a BW area resort. Buses leave Blizzard Beach and go to AK and then you transfer from there.

You have GOT to be kidding me. I have to say - that I continually get more and more disappointed for some of the Operational aspects that WDW clearly overlooks.

Can’t you just take the bus from Blizzard Beach over to HS and then take the boat over to Boardwalk?

I don’t have a clue! Is there a bus schedule for Disney transportation? Can I walk from blizzard beach to boardwalk? I’m not lazy-just haven’t got a clue lol

Do you know how far it is from blizzard beach to the boardwalk? I don’t mind walking just wasn’t sure if you could.

it looks like it is about 2 miles (totally walk able) however doesn’t look like there are sidewalks or anything.

Blizzard Beach buses to/from AK. TL buses run to/from Disney Spring. That was changed about a year ago? I think I read the All Stars and CSR may still have bus service to Blizzard Beach but other resorts do not? It is one reason you cannot depend on The Laughing Place website.

You cannot walk!

Apparently you can get directions using the MDE app

It suggests taking the bus to epcot and walking to boardwalk, but this would only work if you have a park hopper otherwise I think tinkers suggestion is best

Once again though - this is crazy. You have 4+ resorts less than 2 miles from it - yet - no direct transportation is provided. These are higher end resorts as well. BIG MISS by WDW

For years buses went directly from the resorts to the water parks. Now basically it is not worth the hassle unless you have a car or Uber.

Agreed!!! Poor customer service

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thank you thank you thank you xxxx

Can you get a bus from park to park?

I highly recommend that you Uber from BB to Boardwalk. It’s a 6 minute drive by car. It could take up to 45 minutes - hour if you go that crazy BB to AK to Boardwalk route. I speak from first hand experience.

We took the bus to AK from the resort to BB and it was just so inefficient. I decided right then that I wasn’t doing that in the reverse to get back to the resort. Uber was a lifesaver.

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AK is the only park that I’m certain you can grab park to park buses at. So, you can go AK to EP, AK to MK or AK to HS. But not necessarily the other way around.

I have the my Disney experience but can’t seem to find this map and transportation link you have put here.

You can get transportation from all the parks to park. HS and EP are connected but a boat shuttle if you exit EP at International Gateway (it is about a 25 minute walk). MK and EP you can usually take the monorail. All parks have buses to AK and you can take a bus in most cases.

You can also walk or take the water shuttle/monorail to many deluxe resorts if you want to visit some resorts.