Boardwalk Villas 1 br?

Hey all! Has anyone ever stayed at the Boardwalk Villas in a 1br with 5 people? It says on the DVC website that they can accommodate 5, but don’t provide towels or linens for the 5th person. Is there somewhere for that person to sleep?


Check out this Youtube video…

Boardwalk 1 bedroom

BWV 1 bedroom is only 4 people.
DVC occupancy

Bizarrely, you can fit 5 in the studio…

I believe there are linens & pillows in that chest of drawers in the living room. And, there’s always more linens in the closet.

You can just ask for more towels. Not sure why they would make a claim that neither would be provided for a guest of the resort. Very weird…

I better call DVC- It said that a 5th person could be accommodated on the booking website…

That may be old info that DVC is using. Definitely ask them to specify where that 5th person can sleep if they insist that it accommodates 5.

I was very surprised to see that the studio (which as a queen bed, pullout sofa, and the murphy bed in the entertainment center) could fit more than the 1 bedroom. Doesn’t look like they’ve bothered to include the murphy in the recent renovation.

Just talked to them- you have to bring a blow up mattress or a sleeping bag for the 5th person to be accommodated! Wish that had been more clear on the website!