Boardwalk Villas 1 BR Kitchen Amenities

We leave in less than 2 weeks, so I’m trying to finalize packing lists. Do they provide hot pads and dish towels? What are some additional things that you bring to Disney Villas in order to make the kitchen more useful?

I don’t bring anything. They provide everything. There was even a plastic pitcher that were could take to the pool.

I will say, though, that the Boardwalk Villa we were just in this weekend had a small apartment fridge (like, bigger that a mini fridge, and it has a freezer but definitely smaller than full size) when I know they had full size in the past.

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I would recommend some ziploc bags for either leftovers or if you are preparing snacks/meals to take with you to the park.

We ate a lot of breakfasts by the pool, so we had to go to the quick service to “steal” some paper plates and plasticware. I also brought a tiny olive oil for cooking.

They do provide dish towels and pot holders. (Not sure if that’s what you mean by hot pads!) They don’t provide dinner napkins if I recall so I ordered those as well. I have tiny children who use multiple per meal.