Boardwalk Villa with Boardwalk View-Suggestions Appreciated

We have a Boardwalk 1 BR Villa with a Boardwalk View. We have never done a Boardwalk view, and it’s been a while since we stayed at Boardwalk. I’m wondering about noise from the Boardwalk and how high we may want to be. I’m also curious if any of these rooms have a good view of Epcot fireworks. Any thoughts or suggestions on room requests are appreciated.

I’ve always wanted to stay in a BoardWalk view at the villas!

…Ever since I saw the BoardWalk buskers do a bit with cards on a long stick handing it up to the family on their balcony. :grinning:

You will hear boats in the morning and throughout the day, but we could hear the boats from our garden view villas as well- it adds to the ambiance for me.

I’d request close to lobby. Yes you can see high fireworks from some rooms.

Check out the TP room views.

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We stayed in room 3255 last Spring (not a 1bdrm, just for location reference) so 3rd floor boardwalk view.

You could definitely hear the entertainment outside (not terrible over the white noise machines we always travel with) but it was very worth it for us to get to watch the various acrobatic shows from our balcony. We did not see/hear any fireworks but weren’t trying either.

I probably wouldn’t have wanted to be any lower than the 3rd floor. TP calls it a 3/5 noise level and I would agree with that. I have definitely been more annoyed by pool party noise while in a water view room at BC though, for example. And in our particular room, the far bigger issue was the adjoining room noise - we hit the loud CPAP/beeping ECV charging jackpot that trip.

Overall, the view/location was so fun that I would not hesitate to book again while crossing fingers for a quieter neighbor/not adjoining room.

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