Boardwalk Villa Studio & room for ECV?

I’m in panic mode. I plan my vacations early and do my research. I had something going and had to change it all. So now I have a split stay (mildly worried about that) and I love that I can stay at the Poly for 3 nights.

I’m not so happy with the following 3 nights. Only thing available in walking distance to Epcot was a studio BWV - I’m slowly coming around to the idea that sleeping on the pull out won’t be THAT bad as others have assured me it’s quite comfortable. I’m in panic mode because of my mom’s ECV. Once the sofa bed is pulled out where the heck are we supposed to plug it in and park it for the night?! I’m literally stalking MDE several times a day to try and change this reservation to a regular room in that area.

Has anyone ever stayed there with this issue? Any help or advice would really be appreciated.