Boardwalk Ticketing Company - Trustworthy?

I’m considering using Boardwalk Ticketing, which this site recommended. I’m assuming it’s trustworthy but wanted to see if anyone can provide firsthand experiences!

Purchased tickets from them recently because they had best pricing per TP calculator.

Tickets are linked to MDE account now.

Lots and lots of TP users have purchased from them over the years. They are definitely a reputable agency. Welcome to the forum!

Does anyone have real contact information for Boardwalk Ticketing?

I’ve ordered from them many times with no issues, but this time our order was completely wrong. When I link the tickets, I’m getting the wrong number of tickets, the wrong type of tickets for the wrong duration.

I’ve emailed the info@ address multiple times over multiple days with absolutely no response.


Someone on TP’s WDW Chat posted the other day that they emailed BW Ticketing and they got right back to them.

You can pop in and ask again-

Scroll down to WDW Planning Tools, then click WDW Chat-