Boardwalk Studio question

So…anyone who has been in a Boardwalk Studio…can you tell me if there are any accessible plugs on the wall by the bed closest to the bathroom area? (In other words, the side without the nightstand.)

We have watched videos and photos, but can’t find anything that shows if there is an outlet there.

Check out DVC Show on Youtube (a DisUnplugged podcast). They have been doing room tours in many resorts and room types and focus some very specific attention on USB plugs. This is - apparently - much more vital information for people than I realized!

In the house we just rented, there weren’t enough outlets for us to plug things easily into for charging. My wife and I, alone, both needed two…one for our phone, and the other for our smart watches. The kids had Switches and phones to charge, and my daughter had an iPad as well.

So access to enough plugs is becoming a room-choosing decision! :slight_smile:


I love that the POP rooms have loads of USB outets by the beds. I’ll only have a couple of devices but I won’t have to bring my USB adapter with me and I can charge both of my USB devices at the same time, along with my portable charger I’ll be bringing to the parks each day.

We travel with at least one power strip. It makes it far easier than trying to find enough outlets for our techy family of four!

Wait… is there a 4th trip??

Hehe. Well, no. Wish there was. But we are talking about options for a trip in early December 2022. As much as we loved Boardwalk 1 bedroom, not sure we can afford that, so considering renting a studio instead. There are negatives, but it saves about $2000 over the 1 bedroom.

I will be in a BW studio next month if it can wait. Just PM me and remind me if you need someone to check. I check in the 21sr.


Ah! Perfect. It isn’t like we need to know…not until January of 2022! But, being liners, we are starting our planning early!

Remind me and I will take pictures for you.

I’ll look when we get back after dinner and let you know. We’re checking in today

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Well…how very prompt! Thanks.

Just for you!

Since you are checking, two additional questions. How much space is there between the wall and the bed? And can the bed be moved at all if the space is narrow? (Can’t tell if this bed is attached to the floor or not.)

Got it. We are waiting on the bus

My wife thanks you…and hopes you have a great trip! (As do I.)

I take this with when I travel

Anker Power Strip with USB, 5 ft Extension Cord, PowerPort Cube USB with 3 Outlets and 3 USB Ports, Portable Design, Overload Protection for iPhone XS/XR, Compact for Travel, Cruise Ship, and Office

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Ha! We have almost the same exact thing by Anker just different shape!

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No plugs

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