Boardwalk room to lobby 10 minutes really?!?!

Is it true it really takes this long to all from the villas to the lobby seems crazy!

The BW Villas are pretty spread out, so you could probably be that far from the lobby, depending also on how good you become at navigating the labyrinth of corridors that lead to/from your room. The layout is unusual, in that some of the rooms are closer to the Dolphin/Swan boat docks than those for the Boardwalk, while other rooms are not far from the Boardwalk lobby.

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i stayed in one of the rooms that was basically above Jellyrolls. It probably was not a 10 minute walk to the Lobby, but it sure felt like one.

I guess the reality is its not often I go to the lobby for anything!

But this is where you'd catch the bus?

I think we will be walking to DHS since its almost as close as the lobby roflmao. And we will DEFINATELY walk to EPCOT prob use our car for AK and bus for MK.

Yes. Out the front of the lobby and down a path to the busses. Just request a room close to Lobby/elevators