Boardwalk nightime entertainment

Does anyone have info on the nighttime activities at the boardwalk? I am looking for details on stuff outside of the monthly calendar with movies and pool party info. I am more looking for the entertainment on the actual boardwalk like the jugglers and games, things like that do they ever list that anywhere?

I don’t think they officially list that sort of stuff anywhere. In fact, one night when we were there, I asked at the front desk if the magician comes into the lobby if it’s raining. They seemed to be completely unfamiliar with the topic!

But, they basically start around 7 or 8 each night. They rotate around few locations along the boardwalk: outside of Flying Fish, outside of the Screen Door, and one more location a little further down from there. The carnival type games open a little earlier I believe.

Definitely try to catch these guys. It’s so much fun.

awesome thank you

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