Boardwalk Inn vs French Quarter- $500!

I am currently booked for French Quarter for 6 nights. For $500 more I could upgrade to Boardwalk Inn. Ive never stayed at either but have done some research. Would you do it? Why or why not? ( I like that FQ is small and quiet and a good value. I like that BWI is a deluxe and close to epcot and HS). Its me, my husband and 2 boys ages 7 and 4. Thanks!!

For me, not having to get on a bus to two parks makes BW the winner. That whole area is amazing!

Same I would pick convenience!

Wow. This is tough.

I love both resorts. POFQ does have a nice counter service option. BW only has the bakery… but it has everything else!

I vote for BW (for @PrincipalTinker 's reason as well).

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I would pick Boardwalk as well!!! After staying at AKL, I may never go value or moderate again!

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BW for me too. Being able to walk to 2 parks seals the deal for me. I will always take BW, YC or BC over any other resort on property!

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Doesn’t answer your question, but I bet you’d be happy with either.

We did a split stay at POFQ, then Yacht Club in December.
POFQ was great. Cozy and themed very well (smelled good also).
The Epcot resorts can’t be beat for location though.

never stayed at pofq…have done pors and bwi. I’d have to go with bwi…no bus to 2 parks is worth 500 to me and boardwalk such a fun area