Boardwalk Inn or Beach Club?

Planning a trip for early December 2017 and having difficulty deciding between Boardwalk and Beach Club for our resort. My wife and I have stayed at both in the past (and Yacht). We had better experiences at Boardwalk Inn but this will be our first trip with our 2 year old and also we have not been to Beach Club since the refurbishments. I am looking for suggestions. So I guess I am wondering, are the refurbishments at the Beach Club significant enough to pick it over the boardwalk? Is it possible to get a room at beach club that is not a mile away from the lobby? Any other thoughts apprecciated

I haven’t stayed at Boardwalk, so I can’t really compare the two. However, I would think the pool would be a deciding factor for my family. Stormalong Bay is huge! It is great for older kids, but maybe a bit overwhelming with a 2-year-old? It feels like the pricier room rate at BC is more about paying for the pool than anything else. So if you don’t care about the pool, then it might not be worth the extra money. The rooms are quite nice and walking to Epcot is fabulous, but you’d have a reasonably similar room and park proximity at Boardwalk.

The room I stayed in at BC was quite far from the lobby, but that meant it was VERY close to the Epcot entrance. I think it took longer to walk to the lobby than to Epcot. I’m sure you could request a room near the lobby, but then you’d be farther from the park.

What did you decide? I am planning a trip for November 2018 and I am having a difficult time deciding between Boardwalk and Beach club. I have not been to either resort before. TIA!