Boardwalk Area Entertainment

Can anyone share whether the various performers have returned to the Boardwalk?

They are back!

Wonderful! Thank you. Daughter has fond memories of funnel cake for dinner and watching the performers.

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When I stayed at the BW last month, most nights there were a lot of performers. It was the first time I ever noticed more than one preforming group scheduled at the same time (different ends of the Boardwalk. Tuesday night there were no performers out. The carnival games were open that night. I don’t know if you can count on them every night.


I wonder if there is a schedule anywhere. I expect there isn’t, but may have to do a little digging, appreciate the reminder that night to night may vary!

Ooo I was asking about this on chat!!!

I’d like to know if there is a schedule to!

I have done some googling, but haven’t found any place for a schedule. Fingers crossed that I just haven’t located it and there is something out there!

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Yes it’s back, but…where is Coney Island Kris? The entertainment needs some humor.