Boardwalk area dinner suggestion

Fave dinner near the Boardwalk?
We are heading back the week before Thanksgiving (3rd trip in as many years with the kids) and bringing my parents along this year! Suggestions for an early dinner for on arrival day? (4 adults, 3 kids: Me, DH, DS9, DD6, DS2, Grammy, Grampy)
My family will probably be on the dining plan but my parents will not. No park tickets for this day. We fly into Orlando early (9am) and just plan to hang around the Boardwalk, swim, etc. during the day and early to bed for parks the next day. We normally do Ohana for dinner on our first night but can’t get a reservation (will keep trying but also looking for a Plan B!).

Flying Fish is great, but if you have some serious meat eaters in your party, consider Yachtsman Steakhouse. I like it but I’m not really a steak person – my (adult) sons both insist on eating here, it’s their favorite restaurant in Disney.


My mom and I really enjoyed Cape May this last trip…but just because it was all you can eat crab legs! The desserts were not great though…so we just went back for more crab. :slight_smile:

I’ve never eaten at the Swan or Dolphin, but have read a number of good reviews for dining locations there as well. And not far from the Boardwalk.

Captain’s Grille at the YC or Trattoria al Forno at the BW. Captain’s Grille has a nice variety, al Forno is obviously Italian.