Boardwalk: a good alternative to the mess that is DTD?

Realizing they are pretty different, if a guest was going to nix DTD because it is a construction nightmare right now, would you say that the Boardwalk would be a good alternative way to spend a few hours on an afternoon? What is there to do there? Is it really only good at night? Or is there enough to do during the day to make it worthwhile.

If yes, what is the best way to get there from a resort using Disney transport?


I like the Boardwalk for relaxing while I enjoy a snack or a stroll around. There are places to grab a drink or a cupcake or a slice of pizza; you can rent a surrey bike and ride around; or just find a bench and enjoy the views. I’m not sure what time the street performers start - that might be a little later toward evening??

Not sure the best way to get there using Disney transportation, as my only on-side stays have been at BC or YC. Maybe someone else can weigh in?

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I think the Boardwalk is better at night but if you wanted to walk around during the day I would either go out IG on an EP day or take the boat from HS. You could also just take one of the resort buses from AK or MK.

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DH and I took a boat from HS to the Boardwalk around 9/10pm one night our last trip. We really enjoyed walking around enjoying the performers and people watching. We chose to eat at Big River Grille. We sat outside with a lovely view of the water.