Boarding groups with EMH?

My next trip is in Sept (184 days!), park hours have been getting updated this week. I noticed that on one day of our trip (9/13) that there are EMH in the morning at DHS. I have been assuming that there haven’t been EMH with the whole boarding group thing (though I could be wrong about that).

I haven’t done EMH before but I am assuming only onsite people are allowed in the park.

I guess I am wondering what folks think this means. Do we think that boarding groups will still be a thing in September? Or do you think they will still do it but there will just be a way to get boarding groups for people who aren’t in the park or something?

This doesn’t affect any of my plans just wondering what people’s opinions are.

There was one day in December they did EMH in the morning at HS with BG and it was a disaster (they opened BG early and EMH guests were on rides and missed the announcement).

If BG are still in effect, then will likely move the EMH to the evening at some point. That’s what they’ve been doing.

WDW hasn’t published their EMH that far in advance. I double checked all the Sept. published hours for DHS tp be sure. I’m assuming you are getting that EMH info from TP. They are using historical data from 2019, before RotR was open / BG were being used to predicted possible EMH dates. If BGs are still being used in September and EMH are available they tend to be in the evening.

There is no actual news or reliable rumors. WDW is keeping this information Top Secret.

At first I assumed it was just TP hours (which is where I got it from originally), but I checked Disney’s site and they have the same morning EMH for DHS:

You are right, they will likely shift around between now and then, just wondered if they are signaling an end to BGs. It doesn’t matter for 6 months, just sort of thinking out loud (or in type, I suppose)

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Hmm… I can only view times through Sept. 11, 2020.

I got to Sept. 13 on the link you gave, but the “main” page only displays through Friday - 9/11/20

WDW makes doesn’t “set” the operations calendar until about 12 days in advance. They’ve been moving hours pretty regularly over the last couple months. I don’t think any hours listed that far in advance signal anything as they are too far out.

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