Boarding group for ROR

Wondering if you can apply for a boarding group if you are planning to hop to HS in the afternoon

You need a HS reservation for the 7am attempt. For the 1pm attempt, you must be inside HS.

But hopping only starts at 2pm.

Now, I’ve heard that you can get a BG at 7. Then switch the park reservation to another park. Then hop to HS and you will still have your BG displayed in MDE. (People have been accepted on ROTR hours after their return time)

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Not quite accurate.

You need a park reservation for DHS to try for a BG whether at 7am or 1pm. Those hopping to DHS are not eligible.

You must have already entered DHS to try for the 1pm drop, but you don’t need to be in the park at 1pm. It is fine to have either already hopped to another park or to be elsewhere eg: lunch or back at your resort.

You can only ride once, so the 1pm drop is for those who were either unsuccessful at 7am or didn’t try.


Thanks for the info, I had no idea! On Disney’s website, it does say “inside the park”, but there are always more loopholes to find.

I think the thought from the OP is to start at another park and then hop to HS.

Right and this is technically not possible. Unless you ask @Olafsdad :wink:


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Thanks for the info

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