Board Walk Villas Tips/Room request


We are staying at Boardwalk Villas in October ( very excited! ) and wondered if anyone has any tips re the resort/ where to dine/ room suggestions ( we are standard view). Any info would be gratefully received from you guys! Thanks in advance! Not got Genie either but travelling with 2 children with autism so hoping we qualify for DAS! ( fingers crossed otherwise there will be no rush for us!)

Flying Fish!

Thank you!

I second Flying Fish. Trattoria for breakfast is one of our favorites as well.



Thank you!

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I’m late to the party, but if you are still looking for room recs, Shannon Ford has a YouTube series of “Best and Worst” that uses the TouringPlans Room Finder tool. I like that she talks through the different categories and what makes different room locations good for different people rather than looking only through her personal lens. Best & Worst Rooms at Disney's Boardwalk Villas | How To Make a Room Request - YouTube

TouringPlans has a great series out right now too called “TouringPlans Teaches” that is hosted by Becky and there are some resort based ones that show what the best rooms are as well as what the most requested rooms are (and more often than not they are not the same rooms!)

Check them out:

It has honestly been one of my favorite TP series to date :slight_smile:

Thanks, love the informative video’s!

For a low key, relaxing, and inexpensive family meal I recommend getting a pizza at the boardwalk and bringing it to the pool. We did this near the end of our trip and regret not doing it sooner.

BW/BWV/BWI will be going through a fairly substantial makeover phase so be aware of that. Shouldn’t affect FF or Trattoria. No BWB right now and currently construction is underway for Cake Bake Shop where ESPN was.

Thank you for the recommendation.

My children love pizza so sounds perfect! X

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Yes, I have heard this. Scrapping espn club - what’s all that about?

Still looking forward to our visit as BWV been on our bucket list for a while.



Do you know when BWB will re-open? Was looking forward to going there!

It’s food n wine whilst we are there so plenty of other choices.

Thanks for the info.

Sounds like BoardWalk Bakery is permanently closed. But BoardWalk Deli will be opening sometime this summer. Exact date not announced.

Looks like the Pizza window is covering for some of the stuff that the Bakery used to have like breakfast sandwiches and pastries.

I do wonder where the Resort Cup Refills are located now at Boardwalk? They were in the bakery as of 2 weeks ago. Although my one real complaint about Boardwalk was the cup refill stations closed at 10PM & they were still using the “classic” machines as opposed to the Free Style ones.

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Thanks for the info. We’re not going until 23rd October so hopefully the deli will be in full swing by then from what you have said.

Disappointing the refill station closes at 10.00pm- hopefully this will be resolved once they have found a relocation for them. We always have the cups!


It sounds like it will definitely be open by then! Disney said “late summer.” It looks like some of the hours have been posted for the second half of August.

Thanks for the update n link, really appreciate this x

Overall it was my only real negative about Boardwalk for our stay & while it is somewhat trivial in a lot of ways, it was highly annoying to pay for the cups and then not be able to refill them when we wanted. Especially with a 10pm close. In a lot of ways it makes me feel better that they’re redoing things - that may expand the hours, and I presume the remodel will yield Free Style machines which are a lot nicer to use. Pre-pandemic I’d have told you a lot of the cup refill stations operated 24x7.

Anyway - we really loved Boardwalk - great location - you should have a wonderful vacation there…

It’s good that was the only negative and you loved your stay!

Can’t way now.

All booked in the parks and just waiting for the dining window to open to make some reservations!

Have you ever eaten off site- if so can you recommend anywhere?


Presuming by off site, you mean out of the Disney bubble, we did eat at Shula’s at the Dolphin this visit. It was an amazing steak place, although it is fairly expensive, but frankly we thought it was solid value for how good the food was. And it is a very short walk from the Boardwalk, or you can boat over. Beyond that we have typically stuck to Disney restaurants during our stays.

If you just mean, other places not at Boardwalk then Yachtsman Steakhouse is good if you like steak places, although Shula’s was better, but a touch more expensive. Cape May Cafe at Beach Club has a really nice seafood buffet if you’re into seafood although I guess the crab legs and lobster are now extras, but the price is lower than pre-pandemic to make up for that. Beaches & Cream also at Beach Club is also solid - for lunch/dinner it is a pretty basic burger type fare, but it is solid plus the ice cream for dessert. Worth trying once at least. The Swan & Dolphin are also a short walk from Boardwalk and have a bunch of other well regarded restaurants beyond Shula’s as well. Plus you have all of Epcot at your disposal for dinner, at least if you have park hoppers.

Overall food-wise, staying at one of the Crescent Lake hotels is probably the best place to stay on-site for food options.