Blueprints for Ellen's Energy Adventure at Disney World's Epcot

Hi! I am looking to make a scale model of the Ellen’s Energy Adventure that was at Disney World’s Epcot. I am big fan of the ride. I am looking for blueprints for it and dimensions for the ride, however I couldn’t find one anywhere? Would you have an idea where to get them or do you have a copy of the blueprints? Thank you!

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Sounds like a great idea and fun way to commemorate one of the Epcot originals (with a few updates with Ellen and Bill Nye).

You got me interested, and a quick google search yielded this rough blue print. Don’t know how helpful this really is, but I couldn’t seem to find anything more detailed.

I’d love to see what you come up with when you’re done!

The site I referenced in the first post seems to be getting their blueprints from this page:

I never knew such a site existed. Now I’m going down the rabbit hole…

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Don’t know if this actually has the blueprints or not, but you might want to take a look at Martin Smith’s Ultimate Tribute video:

It’s a ride I never did experience, and for various reasons (like there are so many amazing ones I’m more interested in), I haven’t prioritised it.