Blue Man Group?

First time back since 2014. Minions was under construction then so we are excited to see it now. Also, now that the kids are older, thinking of checking out Blue Man Group. Is it worth it? FL resident pricing is available, but seats are at the BACK of the auditorium - Row Q! Thoughts, tips and advice are appreciated!!!

We saw Blue Man Group a couple of years ago when my kids were 12 and 9 it was suitable for both of them and they really enjoyed it. The venue is really not that big and we were pretty far back and could see fine. I would say it is more worth the money than some shows I have paid for.

We just got back. My kids are 11 and 7 and my 11 yo was either completely mesmerized or insanely laughing the entire time. My 7 yo also enjoyed it, though not quite as much as my older one. It was a highlight of the trip; I was thinking how glad I was I ended up booking it. It was hysterical. Also, the whole ending is something no one in our family will ever forget.

I’m not sure how far back Q is, we were closer to the stage. There are screens on both sides where they show parts up close, too.

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Thank you! My kids are 16 and 12, so sounds like they will love it. I went ahead and got the poncho section tickets…Hope they are worth it!

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I saw the blue man group in Boston and loved the show. We were in the balcony and they took a man next to us to get on the stage. It was a fairly small venue and a fun show.