Blue Bayou

Hi Guys - I am primarily a lurker on the forum and WDW chatroom but have a question. My husband and cousin recently surprised me with a quick trip to DL arriving on 12/3. Today my cousin called to make ADR’s and was told that the BB will be under refurbishment for the month of December. Sounds like a lousy time to refurbish a popular restaurant. Anyway, if the refurbishment is underway, does that mean the Pirates of the Caribbean ride will be down as well. I was very much looking forward to eating there but may cry just a little if the ride is closed down as well. Thanks for any feedback!!

Yes Pirates/BB is closed when the other’s on refurb list. There’s nothing on website that either will be closed in Dec. DL ADRs are only 60 days in advance which makes Dec 1st as latest date you can reserve right now. Wonder if that’s the issue rather than refurb?

Thanks Moorparknay…I checked all the sites today to see if the refurb list was updated and had no luck finding anything that has been updated since 9/16. However, since my cousin and her hubby are arriving on 12/1, she was able to make an ADR for that day and then asked about BB. The CM told her that they received word this morning that BB (and another NOS restaurant) was on a refurb list for December and they aren’t taking reservations. CM agreed with her that it is a lousy time to refurb that restaurant during the Christmastime crowds. Super bummed if both ride and restaurant are down since BB was our top choice ADR and I am dying to ride DLR’s version of Pirates. Sigh…

Well, that’s not good especially if two are closed. Never can understand timing of refurbs anyways.

If they are serious about getting many of the attractions refreshed for the 60th anniversary a lot of things will need to be down simultaneously in the next 9 months or so.

Mouseplanet has reported on the latest DLR update that Blue Bayou, Cafe Orleans and Big Thunder Ranch BBQ are taking reservations thru at least Dec 12th.

Thanks @ Moorparknay15! We discovered the same thing last week and have a 1:30 lunch scheduled at BB on 12/6…hours before my flight home :slight_smile: