Blue Bayou Fantasmic Package

Debating whether to do the Blue Bayou Fantasmic page (1st show) for Thurs 7/25 or Fri 7/26. Assuming the weather looks good for both, would one night be better than the other? TP lists Thurs at a CL 8 and Friday at a CL 4. Thx!

Star wars has changed everything… I’d go with the TP numbers, because there really is no guessing which would be better right now. All the attendance numbers from last year even last month can’t be trusted.
You’ll have fun either day. Enjoy.


I wouldn’t pick based on CLs either but more on what works better for your overall schedule for the 2 days. Do it on whichever day you’ll be happier to have the break to sit down & eat and also the stamina to see the show at night.

Thanks to both of you for the advice. I was curious why the predicted crowd level was lower for Friday. Does the EMH in DCA instead of DLR have that much of an impact?

Hey! Brian just put out a TOURING PLANS video about DHS anticipated touring plans for dealing with SW:GE and DHS touring. Check it out, maybe it will help: