Blue Bayou Fantasmic dining

Anyone know if they can accommodate a person in the Blue Bayou seating area if they cannot sit on the ground? I have really bad knees and getting down on the ground and up would be very difficult, not too mention my husband looked at it and was an emphatic no. While he can sit on the ground, he will not, cushion or not. We were going to cancel our reservations when I saw the seating situation on a review of the B.B. package and just get regular reservations for B.B. and get regular fast passes, but they are booked up for the duration of our stay. So we need to get the package if I want to eat at B.B. this trip. Your thoughts. Anyone have any experiences with this?

Also, the review mention a $25 upgrade, but did not mention what that upgrade included. Does anyone know what that is?

I have this thread bookmarked since I cannot sit on the ground:

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That is really disappointing that they do not have an option for those with physical impairments that do not require a wheel chair or EVC.

Yes, it is not that I do not want to sit on the ground. I cannot. I completely understand what you mean.

I was able to snag another reservation at BB without the package. I think we will just do that a grab a regular FP for f!


I can’t remember your travel dates, but it looks like you are in for nice weather! The 15 day forecast doesn’t go out to our trip yet, but I started checking anyways. :smile:

Just kidding… I found your dates and that is the couple of days with rain :grimacing: the week after you go it’s sunny and mid to upper 70’s. Hopefully you still have a wonderful tine!

I might be one of the few that like Disney in the rain. My favorite memory was taking my sisters kids to DL over their spring break (not the tradition SB, but it was still crowded) and we had a great time in the park. That night we took the kids back to our motel (which doesn’t exist any more) and tucked them into be bed and left them to recover with grandma. We headed back to the park, where it proceeded to pour on us. The park was pretty much empty and we literally ran from ride to ride. It was right after Indiana Jones opened up and we rode on that a couple of times. We rode it the next morning with the kids and they were not happy when they realized we had already been on it.

That being said, I may have to adjust my plans a bit, but I don’t see it as a bad thing. I see it as way to keep the local pass holders at bay!

Last time we went it poured on us two of our four days. It wasn’t all bad, but I was really hoping for some warm days for a break from our Colorado cold. Keeping the stroller dry was a bit tricky, but we came prepared with our ponchos.

If I was traveling with little ones, I might have different take on the situation. My two boys are 12 and 13. Other than surly teen attitudes, we should be fine.

How were the crowds on the days it was raining?

The days it poured was a Monday in February and we were in DCA. It was very low crowds until the sun came out in the afternoon, And even then it was still very low crowds. It was a bummer though because some of my kids favorite rides don’t run when it rains and toy story had a water main leak inside so it was down as well. The other day it was raining less, but it was our first day in the parks ever so I don’t know that I have a good frame of reference for that day. It just so happens the two days it rained we spent in DCA rather than Disneyland. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Good to know. We will be sure to hit TTMM before the rain hits, just Incase it has a similar issue.

I was there last February and it was cold and raining. I didn’t expect to wear my winter coat in California. Cast members had long wool coats and I saw a few locals in down jackets. I want warm sunny California and need to go back.

So true! But we left an ice storm and below freeezing temperatures, so it still felt warm to us! We are going in feb again and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a few defeees warmer.

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The last couple of years, Disneyland has had some very unusual amounts of rain in Jan-Feb. This last year 2017 being more extreme that usual. But Feb is when it rains the most in Disneyland. What we love the most is when it looks like it’s going to rain a bunch in the morning/early afternoon & then only sprinkles. That will keep crowds away without us having to get soggy in the rain. We usually have ponchos with us, but the tougher obstacle is definitely keeping the stroller dry.

In our experience with rain, TSMM has almost always been one of the few rides open during the rain since it has an all indoor track. But because everything around it has exposed tracks to rain or is an outside ride, it becomes the only one running & waits fill up.

Most cast members & locals do bundle up when it gets below 60 degrees. Often we’ll be in t-shirts or light jackets when they are all bundled up, but we are also from Utah where winters are full of snow & cold temps. I remember as a teenager being in Disneyland over Martin Luther King Jr. weekend in jeans & a tee-shirt & standing next to the Rivers of America waiting for Fantasmic with all the people around us looking like they were ready to go skiing.

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Last year I did Cafe Orleans Fantasmic package. I also have bad knees. I told the CM, and she had me stand behind the wheelchair area, in front of the rope. The view was great.

Was your family allowed to stand with you or did you have to separate?

That was one of my solo trips, so it wasn’t an issue.