BLT upper floors?

Has anyone stayed on an upper floor at BLT?

I’d like to use the room request feature when the times comes. I’m curious about how desirable being on a high floor is as far as view, overall “coolness factor”, convenience, etc… Are the elevators more modern, speed-type lifts? Or, is there a man in the basement using ropes & pulleys like some of the other resorts? :wink:

I’ve got a Bay Lake view Studio booked. I’ve used the room finder, but none of those rooms are “recommended” as TP picks. Not sure what that really means, @len

Thanks for any info/opinions!

We stayed in a Lake View Studio last time. We had the best time and are planning on staying at BLT again for our next trip.
I requested highest floor as my top priority when doing the online check-in but I never bothered taking it any further as I really didn’t care which room I got. I think we ended up being on the 9th floor - right in the middle of the inner arch - so looked out over the pool and Bay Lake. We loved the view - very relaxing. The elevators seemed fast. We would usually take them down to the 4th floor (or is it the 5th?!) to the bridge that connects over to the Contemporary.

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The advantage of staying on an upper floor at BLT, regardless of view, is that you see more of the “view” (Bay Lake, the Magic Kingdom) and less of the infrastructure surrounding the resort (parking lots, walkways).

I’m not sure why we don’t have a preferred Studio at BLT. I’ll add this to our list of hotel-things-to-do. We’re going to work on this in the fall.


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Thanks @len ! You’re awesome. Love everything about TP.

I’ll be sure to upload a view from whatever room we end up with.

We’re doing a split stay at BCV. Since that isn’t a skyscraper, does floor really matter there?

It matters a lot less at BCV. Still, let me know what you get there, too. Thanks again!

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