BLT - Two Studios or a One Bedroom

Good morning all knowing touring plan forum-ers…

Planning for an early January 2020 trip 4 nights, Thursday evening to Monday. DH and I had already decided that we wanted to do something different and rent points. Because of the short trip and the ages of kids at that time (nearly 5 and 1 year old), we want to rent points at BLT.

Here’s my question. My mom wants to tag along. That is fine, we get along well, she stays in her own room and goes along with my type A planning so no issues there. What I am considering is - would it make more sense to put us all in a 1 bedroom at BLT than try to do two studios?

The reason this seems to make sense is:

  1. Better layout - still two bathrooms, but we get a kitchen and a dining area to eat breakfast, hangout, etc.
  2. We would give my mom the “king size bedroom” and the rest of us would hang out in the other part of the one bedroom.
  3. Mom would be able to babysit more easily - she’d still have her own space, but we could open the connecting door and she’d have access to our space as well.
  4. Think I’ve heard that the studios are harder to get? We’d be sucking it up and booking at 11 months out regardless, so I’m not sure that makes much of a difference…

I am overthinking this or is it totally a no-brainer and we should go ahead and go for the 1 bedroom?

Thanks in advance for any knowledge or thoughts you pass along!

Can’t answer from experience, but our plan is to get a 1-bedroom for just my wife and myself when we go. It just makes it possible for us to not bother whichever one is sleeping (our sleep schedules are slightly off kilter…I go to bed earlier, and get up earlier).

In your case, while it is costs a bit more, would a 2-bedroom make more sense?

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I went with children around the same age as yours, as well as DH and my mom. We did the 1 bedroom villa, because the living area was really nice to have. My mom actually ended up sleeping on the sofa bed in the living room with my daughter… and DH, DS and myself slept on the king bed. My mom is more of an early riser than my husband so she picked to be sleeping in the living room area, it helped get breakfast going in the morning too. I would hands down recommend the 1 bedroom. It’s just better for everyone to hang out, especially during mid day breaks.

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Honestly, we usually stay at POFQ or Pop, so the amount of space won’t be an issue. It’s more the difference in layout that I am thinking about.

Thank you! This is very helpful. I’m not sure where everyone will end up sleeping, but DH and I would be fine on the pull out queen and I think our daughter would be fine on the pullout chair. But I can also see abandoning that all together and throwing everyone but my mom on that king size bed!

Our home resort is BLT and we have stayed in various rooms there. To me the studios feel cramped (I’m not really sure they are smaller than other studios but it feels that way). The one bedroom feels like more space and the master bath is really nice and spacious. That said the pull out bed in the living does not feel like a queen bed–it seems small and not super comfortable. My kids don’t mind sleeping on the pull out, but I’m not sure how I would feel sharing it with my husband. You should have an easier time getting a one bedroom–studios seem to book quickly.