BLT Transportation Questions

We’re staying at BLT for the first time in a few weeks. Very excited to be able to walk to MK but have some other transportation questions. Key details are we have three kids (two strollers), all who would need car seats if in a car.

We have PPO 8:05 reservations at Akershus. Is the monorail even an option? Best I can tell is I’d have to get on the monorail at CR with enough time to get the first Monorail to Epcot from TTC (which might be at 7:30 based on current Times Guide). Seems tight. Only other option I can think of is taking two Minnie Vans (to guarantee car seats for all three kids), but that assumes I can get two Minnie Vans that early. If Minnie Vans, assume we should get dropped off at IG?

Second question is how best to get to AKL for Boma dinner. Walk to MK and take bus?

Appreciate any suggestions!

Hello, my family is also staying at the BLT in a few weeks!

I have two small children (4 and 1), and one thing I have been using our past few trips is the “Ride Safer Travel Vest”. ( It is a harness for kids at least 3 years old that is certified as a child restraint.

My youngest is too small for the vest, but only having to handle one car seat makes my life much simpler when traveling.

Have a good trip!

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