BLT Room Questions

What floor in BLT is the walkway over to the Contemporary?
Anyone have any 2brm Lakeview good room numbers?

5th floor BLT connects via skyway to 4th floor concourse in Contemporary.

Im not familiar enough with that resort to be of help on the other question, but plenty of folks here will be.


I don’t know the 2 bdr room numbers but you want the outside/back of the C on the north side. Several of those are “lake view” but have theme park views from balcony at least.

If I have time, I’ll get on the room finder later to find some. We’ve done studios and 8008 is a lake view with theme park view (if I remember correctly).

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8206 was also a lake view studio with a theme park view.

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Try 8010

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I was very fortunate to stay in a Grand Villa with a lake view on the North side of the tower. I believe we were in 8802, which was the last room down the hall. We were still able to see fireworks and most of MK. Obviously, the closer to the middle the better.


Thank you all for the help and great suggestions. Fingers crossed

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