BLT Roof Top Lounge

I saw a comment on a blog post about someone not going up to the roof top lounge in the Bay Lake Tower because they were staying at the BLT on rented points. Is there a restriction on use of the roof top for only DVC members? Can we go up there if we are staying in the BLT on rented DVC points? Has anyone seen the fireworks from up there? Are they loud?

Whenever I’ve gone up there they’ve asked for my DVC credentials and identification. I’m allowed to bring a few non-DVC friends but they have to be with me. Now, I’m not sure how strict they are with this rule.

Depends on the CM at the door. Technically it’s for DVC members only and guests that they are bringing with them, but some CMs have been known to just look at the “DVC” printed on your KTTW and let you in without further proof.

I’ve stayed at BLT on rented points and had no issues whatsoever using the lounge (this was 3 years ago before MagicBands). We just showed our Keys to the World Cards and went right up. There was a CM at the elevator who assisted us and was very helpful.

Exactly. Some CM are happy just seeing the “DVC” on the KTTW, but others stick to the rules and want to see an actual DVC Membership card.

Now that they have gone to Magic Bands instead of KTTW cards, does it still say DVC on it? Do you get a card too?

I haven’t rented DVC since the switch to MBs, so I don’t know what happens now.