BLT refurb

We are planning a Nov 2024 trip to Bay Lake Tower with a large group and are concerned that BLT might still be under construction. BLT is scheduled to undergo it’s first full rehab in 2024 but there are few if any details released. What are the chances that the hotel will still be under major construction in Nov 2024? How long have previous hotels full renovations taken?

I was able to watch the Boardwalk proposed schedule through room availability. Are you an owner or if not, have you used any availability tools?

If you are jot an owner, I like this one. If you click on a searched date, you can click on your result and see full months:

I am an owner…started with 160 points in 2010 and added 170, 100 and 160 (just bought the 100 and 160 this month), all through secondary market to make 590 total…Prices are the cheapest Ive seen in 2+ years right now…Have never used these tools…Thanks for the heads up

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As a BWV owner I just spent months pretending to book rooms at BWV using the plan a vacation link. Then I would scroll through room availability. I could see limits through about April and then it completely opened. They may run into problem and take rooms out but at least I could see the potential schedule (September-April).

I am not familiar with their refurb…Was a soft goods or a complete refurb? Best guess, how long did it take start to finish?

From the availability it looks like it may be starting around April. I don’t know how long it might take though.

BCV was a soft goods refurb and was due to take about 4 months but paused part way through and has just re-started. That’s a tiny resort though.

SSR was a full refurb and interrupted by Covid, but I think it was maybe a year and a few months of actual work. However they did each section one at a time. At BLT I assume they’ll do each floor one at a time.

Personally I don’t think it’ll be finished next year. But that’s just a guess.

BWV was a complete refurb started in September, looks to be completed by mid April?

I am using this chart:

It seems that BLT has more rooms due to dedicated 2 bedrooms (120) and twice as many 3 bedrooms (14vs 7).

If BWV does take 7 months (until April) and the construction crew moves to BLT in April, I would think they should complete in less than a year?