BLT pool closed

I just saw a notification that the pool at Bay Lake Tower is going to be closed for refurb in Feb/Mar 2016?! That is when we have our vacation booked!
My reservation has been booked through DVC Rental Store and I have already reached out to them to see if we would be able to switch to a different resort but I’m guessing that isn’t an option when you rent points.
The private pool area is one of the main reasons we always rent at BLT. My kids (and husband!) are going to be devastated. We work one or two pool-only days into our schedule so having to go to a different resort to use their facilities would be a major bummer. We used the Contemporary’s pool for a short while last trip and we didn’t care for it.

Yep it’s closed 2/1 until 3/18. CR pool is right there. There is s splash area and big slide. It never hurts to try and switch resorts, but BLT is so great because you can walk to MK. Still worth it.