BLT deliveries

Sorry if this is a duplicate post - but does anyone know where I would pick up deliveries at Bay Lake Tower (Garden Grocer, Amazon Prime Pantry) ??
Would they have them in the BLT lobby waiting for me or do I have to trek over to the CR to pick them up? Chances they would put in my room for me?

I don’t know about BLT, but we have had Garden Grocer deliver food to AoA twice before. Both times, bell services delivered it directly to our room and put our cold items in the fridge for us while we were away. I would be surprised if you didn’t get that same service at a deluxe resort.

That’s not always the case. We had to pick up our groceries at POR from Bell Services, they were not put in our room. Sorry I don’t actually know the answer to your question @egkleinmann