BLT check out day question

Hello happy Liners!

My question today is about checking out at BLT. We were planning to crash with some friends in Orlando on the night of our check out day before driving home the following day. My question is how long can we leave our car at BLT on the day of check out? We are renting DVC points. I know check out time is 11 am but does that also apply to cars lol ?

Thank you!

It’s our experience that the check out time doesn’t apply to cars. Our home resort is BLT. We often check out it the morning and then walk to MK for some park time before heading to the airport. We have never had any issues with leaving the car. I doubt you could leave it overnight though.

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Thank you! Definitely would not leave it longer than the day so this is very happy news!

If you don’t want to leave all your bags in the car for the day, you can leave everything at Bell Services and collect it later. Probably a) safer and b) less hot than leaving them in the car.

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That’s a really good point. We usually do airline check in at the resort and then head to the park. But leaving luggage in a hot car would not be fabulous.

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