Blizzard Beach vs Typhoon Lagoon

So I’m considering making a few significant changes for my April trip. We have booked through MVT and upon looking closer at the park tickets in MDE they are called 6 day Magic your way base tickets + 1 waterpark fun & more. Naturally I was curious about the water park & more part so I talked to a CM on the phone. Turns out we can go to a water park, something I had not really considered doing at WDW.

With it being a free bonus I discussed with my travel companions and all want to try one out. So now comes the choice, Blizzard or Typhoon? We are staying at Pop if that matters at all and would likely use busses but maybe Lyft. I’m the only one who really likes water slides, my DD 5 is pretty brave and would go on any she’s tall enough for. Wife would go on raft type ones maybe. So what else should I know or consider? Lay it on me! Thanks!

I’ve only ever been to Blizzard Beach. We didn’t get to Typhoon Lagoon on our last trip. My husband isn’t a swimmer; in fact, he has a phobia of it. However, he rode on the lazy river (have no idea what the proper name is) and he had a blast! I stayed with him and didn’t try anything else there. My DD15 tried everything except the lazy river and had a great time! I believe that BB has the better kids’ place; and TL has the wave pool. I’m hoping to go to TL on our next trip if the weather is nice on Christmas Day.

I would also like to say that our day at the water park was the best day by far. It was an unstructured day except for two ADRs, and we were so relaxed afterwards.

We love TL!! So much so that we have never been to BB. TL has an amazing wave pool–it is crazy fun. Your DD may need a life jacket in the wave pool because it is intense. There is a water coaster but you need to be 48 in to ride. The family raft ride is fun. Plus the lazy river, tube rides, slides, kids area. It’s fabulous. BB does have Summit Plummet which is a huge nearly straight down body slide. You need to be 48 inches for it though. We’ve never done BB because we feel like there are more options at TL (none of us are brave enough for Summit Plummet).


I’m certainly not, either! Yikes! DD went on it and said it hurt her bottom. Of course, she has no extra padding down there, so that may have something to do with it.

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We watched some YouTube videos and the big wave pool in TL may have sold us. We love wave pools and the giant wave looks like fun. DD will first sure get a life jacket in there we may bring ours from home even.

Now the decision of which day to go. We arrive on Saturday 20 April at MCO around 12 noon and plan to take MDE to Pop. We leave 27 April so we have 7 days to work with and 6 park days. My plan is now to hit Epcot on arrival day rather then swim and explore the resort. Then we can hit TL on Wednesday which was our planned resort day/ half day at EP.

Thanks for the info all, we can’t wait!

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It really is the best wave pool I’ve ever been to.

Never did BB. We did TL on our honeymoon, and, well…it didn’t go so well.

Admittedly, not a fan of wave pools. I mean, the are SUPPOSED to be fun, and I TRY to make them fun…but they are only fun if you stay where it is somewhat shallow, otherwise they are exhausting. I’m a good swimmer, but I just have had too many times in wave pools with bad experiences.

In the case of the TL wave pool, however, it was my wife who had the bad experience. She stayed where it was shallow. As a result, she scraped her food so badly that she was in extreme pain the rest of our trip (it tore open the skin, etc.). We do enjoy a good lazy river.

I’m not a fan of the high speed water slides that seem popular these days. I’ve done several. But the thrill isn’t worth the feeling like you’re being water-boarded. So much water flies in your nose and face that you can’t even breathe.

Having said that, there is plenty else to enjoy at TL. However, when I compare the two, knowing what I know today, I think I would much prefer Blizzard Beach to TL.

TL and BB are both ‘‘family’’ waterparks. Aside from ‘‘plummit summet’’ at BB, there are very few thrills. Our family liked TL much better, the wave pool was awesome.


I like TL more too, it’s prettier. BB is just so white! Which reflects the sun and gave me the worst sunburn I’ve ever had.

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Alright so I’m hearing more votes for TL and that’s where I’m leaning towards. How’s the bus getting there? I understand you have to transfer at DS. Does it take forever?

I don’t remember too well but yes it required a transfer was certainly not quick. I don’t remember it being atrocious though.

Last time we were there we had direct buses until 1pm so we didn’t have to transfer (we only did a morning). Next time I’d probably uber.

Yeah, me too Ryan.

I was staying in the shallows with my youngest who wasn’t a strong swimmer. After getting bored jumping over the waves, I decided to do what I do at my local wave pool - lie down and let the waves wash over me.

I didin’t realise how strong the waves were. I got dragged along the bottom, ended up with a huge scrape on my back. Even the CMs were concerned. It stung like mad, couldn’t swim for the rest of the trip, and it was sore for weeks.

Thank goodness DS didn’t copy me. The next trip we just did the lazy river!

TL is our family favorite. As everyone else has said, the wave pool is the best. It doesn’t run all the time with the big waves. There’s a period when it’s calm water. Then there’s a big WHOUMP sound - that means a wave is coming. Either go in deep so you can ride a wave, or pull back to ankle deep to avoid getting pummeled. There’s a kid area where the wave gets to, but is no where near as intense for your little one.

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So it sounds like it’s good to stay in the deep end or ankle deep shallow. Much like the real ocean that middle area can be trouble :joy:

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Exactly! :joy: