Blizzard Beach tips

What are your tips for a trip to blizzard beach? We’ll be going last week of October or first week of November depending on the weather. What should we take, leave behind, do, eat, wear? DH, DD7, DS4 and myself. All advice gratefully received. Thank you

To be honest I haven’t been to either park, but any water park - Lots of sunblock, used multiple times, water shoes to protect your feet

I have heard you should not wear your magic band at the water parks so you don’t lose it, but others with experience should weigh in

Thank you for the advice. I’m considering getting rash vests for us as well. In particular for my daughter and I as we are fair skinned.

I was there just a month-ish ago. Here is a great article I found on food:

I ate at the Warming Hut and enjoyed it. Good not spectacular but good enough.

Some tips: Make sure you have your tickets ahead of time; no need to waste valuable rope drop time buying tickets.

Your first stop in the park should be to grab a good, shady spot. I like to be back by the Warming Hut (decent lunch spot also near the bar) under shade and near an entrance to the lazy river. Better yet, if an adult doesn’t want to to Summit Plummit while the other does, send an adult to grab a spot while the others go straight to the chair lifts to Plummit.

A water proof case is a great way to keep the few things you’ll need dry: car keys and a little cash although your MB can be used for purchases of course.

Hit the red slopes first at RD. SPlummit is first. These are the most popular and lines can build. TP has good plans for most parks. A copy can go into your waterproof case.

Sunscreen obviously.

Bring towels from your WDW resort.

Single rider on the chair lift if standby is too long.

Anything else you want to know??

We wore our magic bands with no problem. The photo pass guys are sometimes in the water and can scan your MB right there if you are wearing it. If not, they give you a tiny card on a rubberband. We tried both parks and preferred theming of TL and TL has a slightly deeper lazy river and stronger wave pool which appealled to our family.

You will have a blast. Get there at RD and do the rides first - save the lazy river and wave pool for when the queues are long! We wore our MBs on all the rides but then 3 of our party lost them on the lazy river (go figure!). All were returned to customer services before we left. Would recommend rash vests - we are a far skinned family and our kids wore them before teenage coolness took over.

The wave pool is rougher than you might expect. The kids area is highly recommended. Summit Plummet is terrifying - there is usually a photographer at the bottom so you might want to rescue your cossie from between your bum cheeks before you stand up!!
Does it look like I enjoyed it??

DS7 loved it though!

Just got back from trip with DH and DD6, Water shoes and rash vests highly recommended.

DD6 was too tall for the small kids area and too scared for Summit Plummet, but loved the activities in the pre-teen ‘ski patrol’ area, the downhill racers and teamboat springs. Favourite thing - hanging from a zip wire that zooms over the pool then drops you in.

Water parks have special refillable mugs for approx $11 ($7 to reuse on another day) which can be used for the whole day. We shared one between 3 of us (I know, we’re cheap :)).

The kids can’t do single rider on the chair lift so be prepared for lots of uphill walking or queuing if they like teamboat springs!

There are lots of life vests freely available in different sizes if the kids aren’t good swimmers, but most pools are shallow or do not have strong currents.

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Thank you for the tips.

Love this photo. Thanks for the advice.


Went last oct with ds5 and we had a great time… He really enjoyed the kiddie area… There are some slides he could ride by himself and did for hours!!! Hahaha!! Had a surprisingly yummy lunch too! Have fun!!