Blizzard Beach Cabana Rental

Going through old threads I couldn’t find anything that answered this question but sorry if it’s been answered before and I missed it. I’ve been to BB a few times but have never splurged on a cabana rental. Going with the family for the first time, I’m wondering if it may be worth it. Does anyone know the current cost/what’s included? I’m trying to figure out the logistics of how it may work if we would only be at the park for half a day. Generally, I’m ultimately looking to see if you would recommended renting a cabana or not.

We rented in September. I wouldn’t rent again - but only because it was so slow (i.e. Empty) there was no reason… If I were going in say July, bet your bottom dollar we would rent again.

Ahh- included perks …
Refillable drink mugs for everyone.
Towels - we had to ask for more, but that’s okay - they were free…
Free unlimited Dasani water
Cabana maidservant - she was generally worthless and barely bothered to check on us, but did fetch our lunch so had there been a line, we wouldn’t have waited.
Great location, in the shade (umbrella & our particular location was in an overgrown spy do there was tree canaopy too)
Close to everything
Free locker for valuables

Hmm interesting. We’re going in September as well, sounds like a waste of money for that time of year.